TRAFFIC CIRCLES: Learn how to use a roundabout!

This type of configuration helps reduce the number of accidents with injuries and increases the flow of traffic, as vehicles are rarely required to come to a complete stop to yield right-of-way.


  • Speed reduction
  • Reduction in the number and seriousness of accidents
  • Efficient traffic flow management

Rules to follow

  1. Slow down when approaching a traffic circle: The recommended speed is displayed about 300 meters before the intersection.
  2. Choose the right lane: When approaching a traffic circle with several lanes, choose the lane required for executing your manoeuvre and keep to this lane until the exit.
  3. Yield right-of-way: Pedestrian walkways are constructed at the entrance and exit of the traffic circle. Before entering, you must yield right-of-way to pedestrians, then to vehicles already in the traffic circle.
  4. Merge traffic inside the traffic circle: Enter the traffic circle in the counterclockwise direction, heeding the speed limit indicated. Simply merge the flow of traffic while respecting the right-of-way of vehicles already traveling inside. Normally, a glance to the left while reducing your speed to merge traffic will allow you to enter safely. When traffic is heavier, you may have to stop completely before entering. IMPORTANT: Once inside, you cannot make a stop, except in an emergency.
  5. Exit the traffic circle

Plan your exit
Watch for your exit. You must never stop inside a traffic circle, even if you miss your exit. Instead, make a complete turn, signal your intentions to turn and take the desired exit.