What a pleasure it is to take a walk and enjoy the many parks at our disposal, in the company of your faithful canine friend. However, you must me aware of exactly where you are allowed to walk your dog.

According to municipal regulations, dogs on a leash can be walked on public thoroughfares, bicycle paths, pedestrian walkways, the riverside walkway, Fréhel Park, Martel Park, Belvédère Park, Caron Park, Beattie Park, Berthiaume Park, Boileau Park, City Hall Park, L’Acadie Park, Saint Louis Park, Marianne Baby Park, Jardin de la paix, the forest path at Gentilly Park and Place de la Seigneurie. It is important that this regulation be observed, for the safety of children and residents, by avoiding taking your dog to a park near playgrounds used by children.

In public areas, with the exception of the Dog Park, any dog must be walked on a leash no longer than 1.85 metres, including the handle. The dog’s walker must at all times have the physical strength to retain and control his or her dog to avoid it running off.

You cannot walk more than two dogs at a time in a public area, with the exception of authorized businesses and veterinary clinics.