The City is launching its very first participatory budget exercise by inviting residents to submit projects that create positive spinoffs for the community. With a total budget of $300,000, the municipality hopes to develop three separate streams, allocating an amount of $100,000 to each one:

1) First Stream:  historically themed projects, inspired by the memory of René Boileau and his family, which will be integrated into the conceptual plans for the site, under development by the municipality.

2) Second Stream:  projects dedicated to the enhancement of the future Fonrouge Nature Park, through proposals involving the environment, sports, recreation and outdoor activities, which will help optimize the urban planning of this future recreational park area.

3) Third Stream:  projects aimed at revitalizing Bourgogne Avenue, stimulating economic and tourism development, showcasing heritage buildings and supporting cultural activities.

This advisory process will take place over several months. The timeline, eligibility criteria and selection process will be unveiled at the beginning of 2020. A promotional campaign will keep residents informed of the progress on this consultation process.

Note that a participatory budget is a democratic process whereby residents are invited to express themselves and get positively involved for the collective interest. This type of process allows the municipality to sound out the wishes of its residents and meet their needs. It is a way to create synergy between residents, elected officials and municipal employees, in order to improve the quality of life.