Municipal Council adopted a resolution in November to remove all parking meters in Old Chambly municipal parking lots. Parking is now free for residents and visitors.

This decision follows from a combination of factors. First of all, the new Municipal Council wanted to allow residents from surrounding towns and veterans to use these parking lots free of charge. Moreover, the opening of the Chambly Cultural Centre created the need to install four new parking meters at a cost of $50,000. Finally, a survey on the use of parking meters, conducted among members of the Chambly Basin Chamber of Commerce and Industry, demonstrated that this had a negative impact on businesses in the sector.

For memory, parking meters were installed in 2016 and residents benefited from a free access through parking stickers. In 2017, several resolutions were adopted by the municipality, in order to allocate all funds generated by the parking meters to the P.H.A.C. Fund (Heritage, History and Cultural Activities), and support initiatives to rehabilitate Old Chambly, as well as help preserve and showcase the Boileau Residence. Between 2017 and 2019, less than 10% of the P.H.A.C. budget was invested in this type of initiative. Of this amount, no grant was directed specifically at the commercial vitality or attractiveness of Bourgogne Avenue. As for the Boileau Residence, it was demolished in 2018.

As a result, parking meters were removed. Residual amounts in the P.H.A.C Fund will be directly invested in the community, for the benefit of all residents.