The City of Chambly has implemented some important changes to the production of the municipal bulletin, particularly as regards printing and distribution, in keeping with sound environmental practices.

Although the City continues to produce five issues annually, only 1000 copies will be printed, which will be available at five distribution points: the Administrative and Community Centre, City Hall, the library, the Robert-Lebel Sports Centre and the Chambly Seniors’ Centre.


As residents will no longer receive their bulletin at their doorstep, they are encouraged to view the publication online and subscribe to receive it by email (, under the tab Bulletin municipal L’Écluse). Note that the Communications and Protocol Department will leverage all its communication tools to broadcast the information and continue to adequately inform the population.

In addition, these environmental measures will help save some 2,400,000 sheets of paper annually, not to mention costs related to printing and distribution. These concrete measures continue along the same lines as the paperless council meetings and aim to limit overusing this resource.