As walking has become a routine for many people, and since they are often accompanied by their dog, you should know where you are allowed to walk your pet within the municipality.

According to City of Chambly municipal regulations, dogs on a leash can be walked on public thoroughfares, bicycle paths, pedestrian walkways, the riverside walkway, Fréhel Park, Martel Park, Belvédère Park, Caron Park, Beattie Park, Berthiaume Park, Boileau Park, City Hall Park, L’Acadie Park, Saint Louis Park, Marianne Baby Park, Jardin de la paix, the forest path at Gentilly Park, Place de la Seigneurie, and Josephte-Chatelain Park.

Animal Tags
Since January, the Web platform of the service allows you to register, pay for and automatically renew tags for cats and dogs.

The annual cost for a tag remains unchanged at $25 (or $18 with proof of neutering).

Information: 450 658-0662