The City of Chambly is the proud winner of the 2020 HNA Contest, in the category Combination of Hardscape Products – Commercial, for its development of a parking lot and esplanade for the Chambly Cultural Centre.

Competing against several major projects in North America, the development of the Chambly Cultural Centre stood out for its design, high quality construction and installation, innovative methods and final project outcome.

Recall that all work was completed on force account by employees of the Public Works Department of the municipality, who used materials from the Techo-Bloc company, selecting only high quality green building materials.

The prize will be formalized at a virtual HNA prize presentation and published in the Interlock Design
Insights magazine, the Hardscape North America (HNA) website and several other industry-related

About the HNA Awards
The purpose of the contest is to highlight and reward exceptional landscaping projects. HNA Award winners demonstrate an outstanding level of collaboration with all stakeholders on major landscaping projects.