Chambly is proposing two tools to residents for reporting a non-urgent issue to the Public Works Department or the Planning and Urban Development Department, such as noise, animals, collections, watering, snow removal, equipment breakdown, vandalism, signage, potholes, broken lamp posts, sewer problems, etc. Accessible at all times, these two tools avoid unnecessary trips, improve online services and help foster a positive involvement from residents, all for the common good.

Voilà! App 

This easy-to-use application can be downloaded on a smartphone or tablet connected to a cell phone network, through Apple Store or Google Play. It allows you to flag an issue by using geolocation or by entering a nearby address.

Just select the nature of the problem, add a description and take a photo. Voilà! Voilà immediately sends the request to the respective department, which will assess the issue and establish intervention priorities. The resident receives an email confirming reception of the request, as well as a file number for following up on the request.

Online Requests

You can also send a request through the municipality website and follow its progression through the system. Once it is processed by the designated department, a follow-up is done in a timely manner.

To use this, just fill out a short form; identify the location related to the request; select the nature of the problem and draft a short description of the situation, including an attachment if needed. A tracking number is sent by email, allowing you to track the processing of the request.

Details: (Services en ligne)