The City of Chambly is allocating a budget of $50,000 to the completion of one or more innovative projects submitted by residents under the theme of the environment.

Through this democratic process, the municipality is encouraging Chambly residents to submit creative projects in the collective interest to encourage environmental best practices that have a positive impact on our lifestyles, with a focus on sustainable development. Whether it is holding an event, creating a program, fitting out infrastructure, creating an artwork or other initiatives, the projects must be technically and financially feasible. Sources of inspiration for submissions include environmental protection, sustainable consumption, the ecological footprint, climate change, the future of the ecosystem, the future of natural resources, the conservation of natural habitats, the
consequences on the atmosphere, active mobility, water quality, etc.

Who can participate?
All Chambly residents (minors must be accompanied by an adult) can submit a project in their own name (not as a representative of an organization or business). Employees and members of Municipal Council of the City of Chambly, residents sitting on various advisory tables, as well as their immediate family members, are not eligible.

The process will continue through to the month of June, at which time a committee will assess the projects submitted. Following this, the City will reveal the shortlisted projects and put them to a popular vote. Finally, selected projects will be announced and completed by the municipality.

Deadline for submitting a project:
Friday, April 23

Unveiling of finalists and popular vote:
May 17 to June 4

Unveiling of projects selected by popular vote:
Summer 2021

For more details, eligibility criteria, selection process details, timeframe and forms, visit the website

You can contribute to a greener future!