Following a revision of municipal by-laws concerning animals and their well-being, adopted last March by Municipal Council, neutering of pet cats is now mandatory in the municipality.

All pet cats must be neutered six months at the latest after the by-law comes into force. Invoices for these operations must be submitted to the city as proof when applying for or renewing a pet tag.

The owner does not have to neuter their animal if it is less than six months old, or 10 years and older; if neutering is prohibited by a veterinarian for health reasons; or if the cat is registered with the Canadian Cat Association.

The Roussillon SPCA, whose mandate is to ensure animal control over the territory of Chambly, strongly recommends neutering pets as it is the owner’s responsibility to avoid potential abandonments, undesired litters, births under less-than-ideal conditions and resulting health problems in the future. Neutering helps control the cat population and improves the animals’ quality of life. Moreover, pets that are not neutered are at a higher risk of developing diseases, including certain cancers. That’s why the animal shelter neuters animals before putting them up for adoption.

About the Roussillon SPCA

The mission of the Roussillon SPCA is to protect animals and represent their interests, and look for solutions that enhance their well-being, whether they are returning to the wild or destined for life in a home. Its role is to help animals that are not fortunate enough to have an owner look after their needs. It welcomes boarders, whether wildlife or pets, that are lost, wounded, strayed, abandoned, neglected or in distress.

Roussillon SPCA: 450 638-9698