The dog population has undoubtedly increased sharply over the last year. That’s why the city reminds dog owners of how important it is to pick up after your pet, to maintain a clean and healthy environment for all and observe municipal by-laws in effect.

To do this, dog owners must keep some essential items handy for picking up pet excrements, whether on the sidewalk or on private properties.

Section 17 of By-law 2020-1446 concerning pets clearly states that « the pet owner must immediately remove excrements produced by the pet on private or public property and dispose of them in hygienic fashion. To do this, the owner must carry a plastic bag or other similar equipment at all times to pick up the material in proper fashion. » It should be noted that fines can be imposed by the municipality.

For the sake of common sense, respect, pride, cleanliness, and hygiene, you must carry the required items to pick up after your pet, out of consideration for neighbours, children, residents, and visitors.