The City of Chambly would like to make the following reminders concerning parking and storage of commercial or recreational vehicles in the municipality.


At all times, it is forbidden to park motorized recreational vehicles, boats, tent-trailers and other such vehicles on the street. Remember that only one commercial or recreational vehicle can be parked on a lot, in the driveway, between the house and the street. Parking a recreational vehicle is also permitted between the house and the street, on a parking lot with an asphalt surface or other hard surface, only from April 15 to October 15 in a given year.

Winter Storage

Storage is allowed on the side or back yard, as long as the face of the building is not exceeded, and the following dimensions are complied with.

A recreational vehicle cannot exceed a maximum length of 9 m and a maximum height of 3 m. Beyond these limits, they are forbidden in residential zones. A truck or a vehicle with a weight exceeding 3,500 kg cannot be parked in a residential neighbourhood.

Information: Planning and Urban Development Department, 450 658-0537,